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A service specifically designed for car-sharing fleets: car tracking, real-time smartphone-displayed info and data encryption.

Fleet management

Enhance your fleet management by setting the best courses, reduce your fuel consumption and your insurance costs.

Predictive maintenance

Avoid breakdowns and reduce your maintenance costs by knowing the state of your car’s components in real-time.

Eco driving

Let us analyse your driving style for you and give you smart recommendations to drive more ecologically and more economically.

Connected insurance

Obtain the best insurance policies for your needs with the best price. We analyse your driving style so that the insurer has all the information to give you the best deal for your fleet.


D-CAR Bluetooth

Description :

Our discreet but nonetheless poweful box. Plug it to the ODB diagnosis port of the vehicle, connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and you’re good to go!


Description :

Our 100% autonomous box. Forget about the smartphone connection to transmit the data. No need to wait to have network on your smartphone thanks to the built-in 3G module working with every telecom carrier. It does all the work for you. The driver drives, the D-CAR 3G does the rest.


Description :

Our most powerful Box equipped with a recorder. DunaDiag is able to manage a maximum level of data traffic. With DunaDiag, you push to the core of your car to extract all of its data. Made for R&D and military use.



Reduce your fuel bill, your tyres wear and emit less pollution. Thanks to our eco-driving counselling, you will get the best insurance policies for your fleet.

Unlimited applications

We offer a tailored solution for your needs with the right functionalities. With Dunasys Connect, your fleet is connected and resembles you.


How does this work ?


Plug the D-CAR

To the ODB port under the wheel


D-CAR connects

To collect your vehicle’s data and to transmit it to the server (via smartphone or 3G)



Of your vehicle’s info on your smartphone.

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Frequentely asked questions

If any times you have other questions, think of us contact

Is it compatible with every vehicle?

Our Boxes are working with every vehicle model manufactured since 2001 for fuel engines and since 2004 for diesel engines.

Does it provide enough security?

Our D-CAR Bluetooth uses the Bluetooth Low Energy technology, providing a higher level of security around your data. In the D-CAR 3G, the data is entirely encrypted for maximum security.

Where can we buy the D-CAR?

Our D-CAR Boxes and our DunaDiag Box are available on order. Scroll down to contact us directly via the website or call us at the number in the ‘Contact’ section.

What is the OBD plug?

The OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) plug is installed in every fuel-powered vehicle since 2001 and every diesel vehicle since 2004. It is present in the car, mostly under the wheel, but its location can change depending on the model (e.g. the glove box).


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With more than ten years experience, Dunasys is your expert in connected automotive solutions, railway, aeronautical and military embedded systems, as well as in engineering services within our Engineering Department.

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